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Dreams Do Come True!

Shaun Broussard

Look at God, Honey! The idea of Style Digz came about several years ago, 2014 to be exact. I really started to fall in love with fashion and my style. I enjoyed surfing the internet, reading magazines for style ideas, and shopping at stores. Honey, I felt some type of high and I loved it. A few friends started borrowing my things and never returning them, then the compliments started. I was tired of nursing because of the long hard hours. I wanted to do something that was fun and different. I completed all the needed things to start my business, but never started. To be honest, I lacked confidence and life kept rolling per usual. Then, I found excuses: my 6 kids, my husband, finances, time, etc. The list was long and rooted in fear, Honey. I really believed and held onto all my excuses tighter than my dream. Then reality hit me like a ton of damn bricks! Shaun, you are getting close to 40 and never lived free. I would hear Steve Harvey saying, “Girl, just jump!  What do you have to lose?” The answer was nothing. Four years later, here I am world. I took a leap of faith! I am ready to form a clique with fearless, bold, and unapologetic women that love jewelry and accessories. I hope to not only provide unique pieces with great service, but to encourage, provide a few laughs, and motivate you to live past your excuses. Remember, when God gives you a dream He has more than you in mind. Your destiny is always tied to someone’s future. Lastly, dreams do come true, do the work, and never stop believing in you!

Shaun Broussard 



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