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The New Classic Earrings

Shaun Broussard

Girl, let’s talk about the Boss Lady Statement earrings. These oversized statement earrings are the new classic earrings. I know, I know, when you think classic earrings, you think of dainty pieces. Traditionally, classic earrings are diamond studs, pearls, or dainty drop earrings. Let’s explore other options and think outside of the traditional box. It’s all about being unique and taking a different approach to style.


Boss Lady can be worn in any season, at any event, and with almost any outfit. You can work these statement earrings with a formal look, business casual attire, or streetwear. Wearing any style of dress, you will look incredibly fashion forward and polished.


In this photo, we chose to keep the look simple with the focus being on the earrings.  The earrings look best with an outfit that’s not too busy. The light sleeveless jacket is perfect for summer and can be worn as a dress. Girl, I love versatility. It helps you get the most out of your pieces and saves coins. Which is another reason to love the Boss Lady earrings, amongst other things.


I absolutely love their oversized circular shape. The spikes give the earrings an edgy appeal. The sparkly rhinestones really upgrade the outfit and they’re not too blingy. Now I am sure you can agree that they are the new classic earrings. They are probably on your Must Have list. These babies do their job, by making the statement. Boss Lady earrings are new classic earrings with a twist! Log onto STYLE DIGZ and get a pair!






Blog: Shaun Broussard


Photo Credit: Cortyln Seleste









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