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Shaun Broussard

While running errands or just preparing for the next week, don't forget to get a little something for yourself and take a mental break. Self-care is so important! I always stress the topic but at times I find myself focusing on everything and everyone around me. Often forgetting my basic needs. 
OMG, before you know it I'm exhausted and on edge! My 6 kids and husband are staring and giving me serious side eyes. In their minds I'm sure they are like, "What in the hell is wrong with her!" I'm like, " All I do around here, what in the hell is wrong with them!"
*Side note* I am probably cleaning up, making all kinds of loud noise, and slamming doors. #Crazy
That's not a good mental space to be in but so many of us are there by the end of the week or day. Forbes reports, "Women do too much. We do our jobs, we do tasks that are job-adjacent (but we don't necessarily get paid for, like sitting on an advisory board or planning parties), we still take on the bulk of housework and childcare." We push ourselves to the limit. This week or weekend, let's put ourselves in TIME OUT! Forget the excuses and to do list for at least 60 minutes.
In doing so, we can solve things in a purposeful manner with clear thoughts. Importantly teach our children, especially our daughters and nieces, the importance of self care and mental clarity. I'm sure many of us grew up in homes to where Mom didn't buy much for herself. It was usually on a need basis. Her time was mostly consumed by others. That's admirable but not good! Let's make positive changes and teach out children good habits.
I am going to TIME OUT!!!!!!
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