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Tips for Developing Personal Style

Shaun Broussard

Style is very personally and comes from within. It's like letting your inner self speak. There are not any rules. It's personal. To develop your style, you have to be honest, true, and comfortable with yourself. Personal style evolves as you evolve. Think about how you would want others to speak and think of you. Stylist, Rachel Zoe, stated, "It's like saying who you are and not speaking a word." That's cool and really powerful. I encourage every woman to dig deep and adapt her own style and have fun! We were all created as unique individuals and set apart. 
Quick Tips 
1. Lay out pieces you love from your wardrobe and make you feel your best. 
2. What do you like about the pieces: color, textures, body shape
3. Your pieces should be relative to your lifestyle or who you want to be.
4. Create Style Boards: Pinterest, Magazines, Style Digz,etc
5. Add attitude, pick out pieces from Style Digz that further express your style.
Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person.~ Oscar de la Renta
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