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Wearing Bold and Colorful Earrings

Shaun Broussard

Bold and colorful earring are the Spring and Summer must haves! However, many women are intimidated and try to avoid wearing them. I have heard so many excuses of why they will not embrace this hot trend. They whether retreat to wearing dainty neutral earrings or just stick to silver and gold. 
The purpose of this blog post is to get woman out of their comfort zone, add colorful earrings to compliment their wardrobe, and to provide practical styling tips.  Let's jump right in to it!
Ladies, I understand everyone has their own signature style or look, but nothing is wrong with changing it up here and there. I believe you should challenge yourself when it comes to style. If you're not ready for large colorful statement earrings start with a medium sized colorful pair of earrings. Pick a pair that is multi-colored like our Colored Jewels. They are not too big but has several different colors in them: blue, red, gold, and pink. You get amazing bling as well.
The earrings give you so many color options. You can easily pair the earrings with a nice maxi dress, white stylish button up shirt, cute solid colored top, or whatever you desire. I am sure you have one color in your closet to match those earrings. So, wearing a multi-colored earring is easy and gives you more options. Start with a smaller statement earring if you're no too comfortable wearing a large pair of earrings. It is okay to creep into it, LOL.
Another amazing tip, is to use colorblocking techniques. Colorblocking is a chic way of coordinating colors in your outfit. It is really just about using statement pieces and bold colors, to create a simple, stylish, and chic look.
For starters,
1. Choose two color palettes that you enjoy wearing. I suggest you use a neutral and a bold bright color. Using a neutral color is easier to coordinate. Suggested neutral colors are grey, white, black, and tan. They are easily paired with bright colors like red, purple, blue, orange etc. You may want to consider wearing the same color but in different hues as well : navy blue, baby blues, third color can easily be white.
2. Let's talk about adding that third color. Don't be afraid just try it. Example time, if you chose black and white for your wardrobe colors, add red. Another nice combination is orange, white, and coral. These are color combinations, I am sure you possible have tried already. Take a leap of faith and experiment with different colors. If you don't want to add the third color to your clothing choices. Choose earrings that have that third color. 
3. Always use earrings and other complimentarily accessories to create to desired look. For the sake of this blog, let's stick with earrings. Let your earrings bring your look together. The earrings can be one of the chosen colors from your color palette or different color the coordinates well.  A black dress with a white blazer would work well with a red  statement earrings, like our Red Fiesta Fiesta earrings. Another example is the picture in this blog. Sorry, I don't have a full body picture. I wore our Orange Fiesta Fiesta earrings, yellow top, and a pair of dark blue jeans. By the way, I received so many compliments. Yas Girl, I felt so good! 
4. Lastly, always be confident and comfortable! If not, the outfit and earrings can be bomb, but it would never translate well to others. Confidence is always the key to any look. People that would never think about wearing colorful statement earring can be converted to believer when executed well and with confidence.
Be unapologetic! 

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